Dissertation on File-Sharing: What effect is it having on the UK music industry?

According to Facebook updates from my friends, it’s that time of year again when dissertation deadlines are approaching.

This time last year I was in the same situation and desperately trying to seek advice/ideas of how to structure my work – one of the least enjoyable times of my Uni experience. During this time I wrote a dissertation on file-sharing.

I’ve uploaded my dissertation here (got a mark of 67) for anyone who could find it useful during their P2P / Napster / The Pirate Bay / Megaupload / Torrent related project. Good luck!

With the introduction of new, faster and more convenient technology in recent years, file-sharing has become a much talked about issue causing reported wide-spread implications for the recorded music industry. Since the first popular file-sharing software Napster was made available, the popularity of such activities has grown, bringing lawsuits and copyright implications with it.

Through primary and secondary research, the main findings of this study are that file-sharing does not have a significant negative impact on the sales of music, and in fact can help promote artists leading to greater success.

Got Me A Job!

Horray! I’ve secured a 6 month contract with Grand Visual as Project Technical Support. Here comes a learning curve!