Arduino Photo Booth Using Sure HT1632C, Nikon D90, Eye-Fi Card and a Button

My job is quite fun. I get given a task and left to get on with it. An event I worked on recently required a photo booth for users to take their picture. This photo then needed to be sent over to a PC for projection. I completed this task using an Arduino Uno, a Sure Electronics HT1632C 8×32 LED display, a Nikon D90, an Eye-Fi card and a button. This setup was installed in Pacha, London for one night. Read on for instructions and download of the source files.
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NewTek LiveText PDF Manual

I’ve noticed that NewTek haven’t made the PDF Manual for LiveText available online (even if you own it and log in through their downloads area).

Here’s the full thing to download if you need it.

I’ve also uploaded the PDF Manual for the TriCaster here.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac – Cheat Sheet

I don’t usually like installing extra little applications on my Mac that are supposed to boost my productivity as I’m too concious of cluttering it up and slowing down the whole system. That was until I found CheatSheet. This is a handy little application that will help you learn all the keyboard shortcuts for mac that you will ever need.
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Getting and displaying album artwork using Last FM API in PHP

As I’m a general all-rounder tech guy at my current job, I often find myself needing to learn new stuff pretty quickly. Recently I’ve been working on a jukebox system for our office where anyone can request a song, view the currently playing song etc.

A nice finishing touch I wanted to add was to display the album artwork of the currently playing song. I knew I needed to use the Last FM API but I found it really hard to get pointed in the right direction. I’d never used any kind of API before so was completely in the dark.

To help anyone else that may be in a similar situation, here’s a little guide of how to get started with the Last FM API in PHP.
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