Working out aspect ratios in Excel

Aspect Ratios in ExcelI’ve spent most of my time at work recently building a big ol’ database with specifications of screens. Once the structure had been completed, I needed to import all existing data (stored in an Excel spreadsheet) in to the database. I’ve build the database with a form where everything can be put in. Functionality of this form includes automatically calculating aspect ratios from width and height pixel dimensions – something that didn’t exist in the spreadsheet.
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Textlocal SMS to MySQL Database in PHP

Here’s a real simple piece of PHP code that receives an SMS from Textlocal’s service and saves it to a MySQL database. This can be very handy for text-to-screen applications or if you just want to keep a custom database of received messages. Textlocal gives the option to forward incoming messages to a URL and provides sample code to get you going. The code I’ve written code below takes this one step further and will save the messages to a database. Once received SMSs are stored in the database it is really easy to create moderation tools and further analyse the messages.

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