Missing messages in Apple Mail after Mavericks upgrade

I’ve just upgraded to Apple’s latest OS – Mavericks. After this upgrade, I launched Apple Mail and waited around 20 minutes for it to import all of my messages. Once this had been completed I found that I had no emails in my inbox despite having ~1000 when logging in via Gmail’s web interface.

The good news is that none of my email was missing, it was just being filed under ‘All Mail’ and there’s a very easy fix.

If you’re experiencing the same issues, log in to the Gmail web interface and select all messages. Make sure you click to select all messages in your inbox.

Fixing Apple Mail in Mavericks

With all messages selected, mark them as unread under the ‘more’ option. Now go in to Apple Mail and click the ‘Get New Mail’ button. All of your messages will now appear. To mark them as unread again, go back to Gmail, select all and mark as unread. Click ‘Get New Mail’ again and your email will be back to normal!

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